Tales of a Ninja Monkey

Thursday, July 21, 2005

John:1 HTML:0

So if you had not noticed I am finally getting more comfortable with html and I have added some links to the sidebar. I have yet to figure out how to put images of movies and cds (and my picture) but first blood is mine! Speaking of links, if your name or link is not on the sidebar and you think it should be I am willing to accept bribes and "favors". On that note I had forgotten to add sara, so I apologize. She even put a link on her site for me, so I will add her post haste :) .I also feel it is time for me to make my first plug: http://gessnersrock.com/ , this is the website my brother-in-law put up about my sister and their two kids. He is a graphic designer and I highly reccomend his site. Plus it has pictures of my nephew and new born neice of 2 months. The site is still a work in progress, seeing as how they have a 4 yr. old and a newborn. Oh yea, you can see a picture of my dad here: http://www.gonzaga.edu/archimedes/staff/contact.cfm?SID=022208161145Ba. I miss my family alot even though I was just back there like 3 weeks ago. I think of Spokompton as home and I think i always will, as much as it kinda sucks. Alright, well I am work and I suppose I should do something... like watch some t.v, or play reversi on the company phone.

Peace and Love Eternal

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yee of little faith.

Sorry that I pulled the old ninja vanish trick on all of you, but I have been a busy little ninja. In the past weeks I have returned to school after a (cough,cough) ... brief period of time off. My class schedule is Mon-thur: 8am-9:20 Ethic Studies, Tue & Thur: 11am-1:20 Writing. Keeping in mind that I am still working tues-sat 3:30-9. So I have been trying not to go crazy and also spend time with Marcela as much as I can considering with her new class schedule we see each other during class (Ethnic studies) then she goes to class at 11am and I do not see her until I get off work. That sucks hairy donkey testicles. Anyway, so I am back and I should be posting more stuff soon since i only have 2 more days of my writing class. I heart 6 week classes.

Canada Kicks Ass!

Ok, so yes they have flappy heads and beady eyes. But more importantly they just passed a same sex marriage law that will proclaimed into law today ( http://www.equal-marriage.ca/) ! What is even more crazy is that it passed by a 47 -21 margin, which .. let me see here (pulls out metric calculator and aimlessly presses buttons) is incredible! We can barely get our courts to decide what they want for lunch with those kind of numbers. So yet another country is taking a proggresive step towards real equal rights for all people. Spain just recently passed their bill a couple of weeks ago. So I say this to you Canada; Along with your universal healthcare and now this leap forward, we will allow bryan adams and celine dion to release a new single in the states.

So for now, Ninja Vanish! (insert mysterious puff of smoke here)