Tales of a Ninja Monkey

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Template: 1 John: 0

So as you might have noticed I changed my template a few nights ago. I had a revelation while switching templates, if you ever decide to change yours keep this in mind: when you see this warning from blogger "Your current template will be replaced and any customizations you've made will be lost. Do you wish to continue?" before doing anything SAVE YOUR WORK! I of course did not do this so when I clicked "continue" thinking that I could retrieve and or recover my old template if I did not like the new one, to which I found myself bitch-slapped by blogger. All I would have needed to do was save my setting as a Word document, hell I could have even used one of most useless programs for the PC had I used Notepad. Because seriously, who uses notepad? So after getting aggravated and talking to my computer screen I looked at this as a blessing in disguise. It would finally get me motivated to start tweeking some of the settings and adding more stuff to the sidebar so that I could make this the new and improved home for the ninja monkey. So for now check out my currently listening selction and currently reading for updates.


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